About Us

Region 2 of the IECA is dedicated to the further understanding of processes involved in the control, mitigation or rehabilitation of accelerated erosion of soils and the consequent sedimentation of lands and waters elsewhere. It connects, educates and develops the erosion and sediment control community, as well as the general public, with a particular focus on the African, Asian and Australasian Continents, the Indian Subcontinent and various island nations in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean west of the International Date Line. In particular, it:

  • Offers professional development opportunities to the erosion and sediment control and land degradation industries;
  • Provides environmental educational opportunities through conferences, short courses, seminars, publications and field days;
  • Is a service organisation for the erosion and sediment control and land degradation industries, government departments, NGOs and other interest groups;
  • Establishes or fosters the establishment of local, national or international standards for erosion and sediment control products and systems and installation procedures as they may be appropriate to an ecosystem; and
  • Provides technical expertise for people, organisations and governments seeking assistance in the fields of erosion and sediment control and consequent land degradation, and their effects on air, land and water quality.

The IECA seeks to be the global resource for people who share a common concern for the prevention and control of soil erosion and consequent sediment pollution.